About karakanani

Hi! My name is Kara and I am the owner and artist behind this little stationery and handmade shop based in Southern California! The name karakanani was inspired from an old nickname a family friend would call me by —my first name being "Kara" and my middle name being "Kanani". The name just stuck!
My final semester of college was during the pandemic, so I started a small business in this time as a creative outlet and to simply challenge myself! Now, I run this shop full-time at home and hope to expand my product line in the future! I am also currently Creative Director for GenGen (Generous Generation) where I bring artists to use their creative skills to support nonprofits and communities in need. 
This shop has been a part of an ongoing dream to share my art with others and tangibly channel my passion for packaging design and illustration.
One of my main goals in sharing art is to spark nostalgia and encourage connection between people. I am grateful for the opportunities to meet and connect with others who love art just as much!
As a committed tea-drinker, cute stationery collector, and traveler, I am always looking for new ways to bring these hobbies and interests to paper. Doodling and drawing has been a neat way to express myself thankful for my mum and pops who encourage all things creative and share creative passions like me!
(photo: mum & I, we are washi tape fans!)
It is such a gift to share my favorite things, memories, and inspirations through art. Thank you for being a part of this dream to design for my own stationery shop. This shop also helps me in many ways like paying off college and other financial needs I may have in this season.Your support on Instagram and in this shop affirms this creative journey and helps in such great ways. Cheers to many more creative adventures ahead!
Come say hi to me on Instagram @karakanani! There, you can find my latest creations and doodles (o: